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I haven't talked to emily ledbetter in two years, but she took this, & so I will too.
(& nope, I didn't lj cut it. go cry in your pretzels.)

1. Honestly, where are you now?
in my dorm room.

2. Honestly, have you ever failed a subject in high school?
nope. I've never failed anything completely.

3. Honestly, what's on your mind?
my doctor's appointment tomorrow, & I'm excited about convention in a week & a half.

4. Honestly, what is it that you really should be doing right now?
reading for religion tomorrow, yech.

5. Honestly, have you brushed your teeth today?
of course. unbrushed teeth is one of the most disgusting feeling things in the world to me.

6. Honestly, who are your best friends in the whole world?
I consider my best friends in the world the people who I know will listen to me when I need to talk, about anything. that would be kelly thomspon, matt, heather, & tom.

7. Honestly, who is the hottest person you know?
tom's pretty goodlooking.

8. Honestly, are you a good friend?
I try, but really I think they'd be the only ones who could answer that.

9. Honestly, do you think school is important?
it is, but it's unfortunate that it can be so dreadful & boring at times.

10. Honestly, what are your dreams mostly about?
they're always weird & crazy & detailed, & usually involve someone who's really close to me leaving me, or being killed, or betraying/being really awful to me in some way.

11. Honestly, who/what makes you happy most of the time?
going for drives & black & milds at night with matt. hanging out/laughing with paris & jenni & melissa. walking the bridges with heather. talking & having movie nights with kelly thompson. being ridiculous with my sister kelly. talking to tom late at night. also: constellations (when I can actually see them), orange juice, & listening to "I Sing the Body Electric"

13. Honestly, what song are you listening to?
nothing, paris is sleeping & I'm a good roommate who has lost her headphones.

14. Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment?
kelly thompson. right now.

15. Honestly, do you have a deadly disease?
nope. unless I suddenly have a fatal asthma attack, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

16. Honestly, do you hate someone right now?
I hate the people who insist on wearing speedos to the pool. & kevin whoever, that actor in king of queens. jesus. but no one in real life, currently.

17. Honestly who would you like to hug right now?
tom. kelly. matt. my dad, or my nana. oh well.

18. Honestly, are you bored?
no, just avoiding homework as usual. I'm really cold, though.

19. Honestly who do you want to slap right now:
the stupid judges on project runway for not kicking santino off yet again. & more realistically, SHITtarra for being so fucking loud & obnoxious in the hallway right now. whore.

20. Honestly, are you single?

21. honestly does some one like you?
I sincerely doubt it.

22. Honestly, are you happy?
hopefully I will be soon. we'll see.

I don't think this really says anything about me. psh.
brad's a junky

I love pariiiiiiiiiiiis.

If I were a stone, I would be: igenous rock from a volcano
If I were a tree, I would be: a giant oak tree
If I were a bird, I would be: an ostrich
If I were a machine, I would be: a magic bullet
If I were a tool, I would be: a sonic screwdriver (I think that's what it's called)
If I were a flower/plant, I would be: a venus flytrap
If I were a kind of weather, I would be: a tornado
If I were a mythical creature, I would be: a faun
If I were a musical instrument, I would be: an accordion or a ukulele
If I were a land animal, I would be: a little pug that never grows up
If I were a color, I would be: kelly green or grey
If I were an emotion, I would be: a mood swing
If I were a vegetable, I would be: broccoli
If I were a sound, I would be: the words "cellar door" repeated over & over (& did you know, by the way, that it wasn't edgar allen poe who said it was beautiful, but j.r.r. tolkien?)
If I were an Element, I would be: water
If I were a car, I would be: a volvo station wagon
If I were a song, I would be: "I Sing the Body Electric"
If I were to trade places with another person, it would be: myself when I was six
If I were a movie, I would be: into the blue
If I were a food, I would be: something of the citrus variety
If I were a place, I would be: an undiscovered planet very far away
If I were a material, I would be: flannel
If I were a taste, I would be: fruity
If I were an object, I would be: a pearl necklace
If I were a word, I would be: ridiculous
If I were a body part, I would be: eyes
If I were a facial expression, I would be: a smirk
If I were a comic/cartoon character, I would be: lois lane
If I were a shape, I would be: a triangle
If I were a number, I would be: 12
If I were a month, I would be: september
If I were a day of the week, I would be: thursday
If I were a time of day, I would be: 4am
If I were a direction, I would be: east
If I were a piece of furniture, I would be: a chaise lounge
If I were a sin, I would be: envy
If I were a historical figure, I would be: samuel adams
If I were a liquid, I would be: orange juice, or maybe mercury
If I were a method of death, I would be: an explosive car accident
If I were a planet, I would be: saturn
If I were a scent, I would be: construction
If I were a sea animal, I would be: a killer australian jellyfish
If I were an insect, I would be: a praying mantis
If I were a language, I would be: hungarian
If I were a country, I would be: ireland
If I were a body of water, I would be: the gulf of mexico
If I were a Greek god/goddess, I would be: dionysus
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picture yourself in a boat on a river

classes so far::

01. writing -- melvin is crazy. example:: he didn't know who roald dahl was. but I like the class so far, and I actually like him as a professor, even if he is a bit off.

02. psych -- tony is gay, and he needs to just admit it. we haven't really gotten into the subject too much yet, but when we do I think it's going to be really interesting. until then, I've got matt's drawings to keep me amused.

03. religion -- looking ahead on the syllabus, some of the subjects we're going to cover seem really intriguing, but right now we're studying native americans and the christian europeans who invaded them, so I'm bored to tears. also, one of my professors has a hawaii obsession -- I just don't get it.

04. dinosaurs -- the first day was all nonsense about the scientific method, and paris and I were pretty bored, but I think//hope it's going to pick up soon. "he was standing there with his scientific pants around his scientific ankles" -- a direct quote from dr. arnold himself.

other than that, life is amazing, I'm happy//content//whatever, and everything is wonderful, blah blah blah blah. cheers.
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(no subject)

I love discovery health channel, not just because it's amazing, but also because the names of their shows are so blunt.
some examples include::

- The Girl With No Face
- One Ton Man
- The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off
- Big John: One Year Later

pretty amazing.
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(no subject)

my dream included:
- evan and his room being wallpapered with pictures of lewis, and his mom yelling at me to leave
- seeing jenni on tv in an ovaltine commercial
- me walking into matt's house after flying in, and right as I walked in, the christmas tree fell on top of him and he died, and his parents blamed it on me
- and lots of other random craziness. oh dreams.

oh EDIT: I meant to write the other dream I had, in which heather and I would make these crazy costumes to watch movies in, and we did it all the time so we had all of these amazing costumes. and one day, we decided our final costume would be the most amazing one, and we made a long neck dinosaur costume, I was the front and she was the back, and we watched the movie sitting in our costume like that, and since she didn't have eye holes, we installed this submarine like telescope thing in the costume so she could still see the movie. it was an amazing costume.
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home for the holidays, bleh.

LEAVE ME AN ANONYMOUS COMMENT saying anything you want. anything at all. tell me a story, or ask me a question, or...whatever.

and then I'll try to guess who you are.
I want to see how well I know all of you.
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(no subject)

somehow against all reason I am awake, and loudly awake at that, not even sleepy awake but eyes wide open awake. that said, my bed looks very warm and comfortable, and I might crawl into it in a few minutes, anyway. more sleep is probably a good idea for me, I've been having a few bad spells as of late, and maybe more sleep would help. I'd like to think so, anyway. my mind is just jumping. the pictures matt & I painted last night are still drying all over the floor, though I'd guess they're mostly dried by now. they're beautiful. our cookies must still be downstairs. they weren't quite as beautiful. I had a good time last night, truly. though it turns out that the people of tallahassee aren't so keen on christmas lights. argh, I think I really may just go sleep. then I will wake up and ... study? for math. and hopefully tonight, I'll watch It's A Wonderful Life. and hopefully x 2, I'll be happy.
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I'm Marie

Hi, I'm Marie. I am v. amazing. But you no who is more v. amazing??!! Jenni, she is v. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. amazing!!! I am going to Roll Boune with her tonight. We might make love. Woot.